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Salford Tillage Equipment

Salford has been designing and building quality tillage equipment since 1978. In 2001 they recognized that conservation tillage and no-till practices were on the rise. Understanding that residue management was a critical challenge, Salford began work on a tool that would help improve soil productivity. In 2003 they introduced the Residue Tillage Specialist (RTS). With the advent of the RTS, Salford began a revolution in residue management based on an innovative spring shank and coulter design called the Coil-Tech Coulter. When running at 8 miles mph or faster the coils vibrate like a jackhammer fracturing the soil profile, driving cracks into the hard pan, allowing for better moisture infiltration and root development.

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Valmar Seeding Solutions

Valmar offers both pulled and equipment mounted seeders / spreaders.

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